Is Bowling Good Exercise- let’s dig it to know why

Ever heard of an activity that is fun to do and still offers huge health benefits? The answer is bowling. When people hear exercise, it gives them a bit of a negative vibe. Therefore having a sport that people can play with anyone at any time is a blessing.

When you are about to start your bowling, One question may arise in your mind.  Is Bowling good exercise?

Yes, Bowling is a good exercise indeed for people of all ages. Unlike other forms of exercise and sports, bowling has no boundaries. anyone who is eager to play this amazing sport is eligible to play. It’s a low-impact sport where it’s very unlikely for players to get injuries. This sport is such an exercise-friendly that even people with disabilities and visual impairments can play.

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Bowling

Bowling is a sport that offers a comprehensive output of burning calories, building muscles, and enhancing balance. A combination of such results makes this sport a stress reliever. There are so many reasons to say why bowling is good exercise.

1. High Cardiovascular Endurance

Bowling helps to enhance the level of endurance. What happens is that such endurance creates less fatigue and more energy to continue daily activities. The health effect of bowling is similar to that of walking a mile. When a fun factor is added to the process, it makes a desirable exercise to perform.

2. Improvement of Body Strength

Bowling is an individual sport that focuses on improving the strength of different parts of the body.  For example, if you want to improve your shoulder strength, frequent bowling with medium to heavy bowling balls will help you gain shoulder muscle. Repetitive Bowling enhances muscle strength. It later improves balance.

Also, the shoulders are not the only sector of your body. Bowling is an ideal activity for people to balance their torso. It enhances stability and allows the upper body to increase strength, power, and accuracy.

Lastly, bowling creates improvement in strength. One can either stick to the same routine to adapt to the new level or increase the training level to increase the intensity.

3. Extreme Flexibility and Balance

Strength is not the only aspect that will be improved while throwing a 15-pound ball. The size of the ball isn’t substantial enough to enhance muscle rapidly. But the frequency of throwing the ball offers more benefits. Bowling regularly allows you to twist, lunge, and stretch, which ultimately raises up your flexibility. Playing regularly allows people to extend their arms, body, joints, and ligaments.

4. Fat Burner

Bowling creates a change in physique not only from holding and throwing the ball but also from walking. On average, a bowler walks up to 70 feet before starting the shot. Therefore when the sport completes, a player will likely complete over half a mile. With that amount of movement, about 300 calories are achieved.

The same level can be achieved while jumping roles for over 25 minutes. When playing other sports or when exercising, achieving such results is an overwhelming process. Bowling is the only sport that doesn’t allow players to feel like working out. Being a casual bowler allows them to avoid cardiac arrest risks and diabetes.

5. Smooth Hand-Eye Coordination

We have elucidated how much strength and flexibility bowling offers. One thing that most don’t realize is how effective it brings smooth hand-eye coordination. Hitting the target seamlessly requires 60 feet distance. To reach that further distance, better reflex, and superb hand-eye coordination is essential.

On television, it looks like the distance is very small.  In reality, it’s bigger than the half-length basketball court. Therefore a bowler with its physique has more reach than basketball athletes. Bowling improves that hand-eye coordination, and that will always improve with practice.

6. Improvement of Mental and Social Strength

One of the best attributes of bowling is that it is a social sport. In most forms of exercise, you only focus on physical benefits. In bowling, however, social benefits are added to physical ones. People can also socialize with their teammates and friends when they are not playing. Bowling offers a healthy heart. This sport offers relationships and friendships that benefit the heart. When we bowl, our heart muscles perform better. We thus promote a healthy heart and a healthy life.

People are more occupied in their work-life now more than ever. Socializing allows humans to develop positive immunity growth. Such growth allows them to tackle mental illnesses like depression. For people looking for a cure for a range of cancers, socialization plays a vital part.

Is bowling a good exercise for seniors?

Yes, Bowling is an ideal sport for seniors. Based on their weight and bowling style, one can reduce up to 300 calories per hour while bowling. Bowling is a three-game series, where one requires walking about half a mile. With such consistency of carrying 15 to 16-pound weight balls, seniors will likely gain endurance.

For seniors, boosting metabolism is a much more significant challenge. That can be achieved through regular bowling practice by following bowling tips. Alongside this, bone density is another aspect that seniors must work on, and bowling expands their bone density.

Precautions for Seniors

However, bowling will not enhance the senior’s physique by autopilot. There are some of the tricks that they must do to start their bowling. Firstly, seniors must spend half an hour daily stretching. Stretching will enable them to loosen muscles and avoid injuries.

Also, seniors are not supposed to hold the heaviest ball with ease. It would’ve been possible if they were twenty years younger. Therefore, it’s ideal for playing with the custom ball as it will cater to your specification. Seniors will have a better game if they can grip the ball properly. For them, control is everything. Hence take a pre-preparation in the form of stretching, and play with the customized ball.


Bowling is not only a fun sport to play but also a mode of fitness. Though Bowling itself is an exercise, there are many exercises that help you to increase your stamina in bowling.  The benefit that comes from playing this is underrated and expands to social ones. When sports are not cruel to anyone, people will be tempted to use this as their biggest source of recreation. Therefore, don’t waste time and bowl out your stresses.

The next time you head to your nearest bowling alley, please keep these tips in mind:  Don’t bowl while you’re injured.  Make sure you warm up before bowling.  Always follow the rules of the game. Keep a balanced diet and in shape by working out regularly.  Keep your upper body straight when bowling.


I’m an aspiring bowler with an immense love for bowling. I started playing the game at a very early age and it’s been an integral part of my life ever since.

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