How to get more hook on your bowling ball: Ultimate Guide for Beginners

bowling ball hook

You can throw a bowling ball in a lot of ways but none of them will feel the same as hooking a bowling ball. As you already know that there are proper ways to play different games. In golf, there is a proper swing, in tennis, there is a proper stance, etc. Similarly, in bowling, the position and style that gets the most out of the efforts you put in are hooking the bowling ball.

Now, the real question is how to get more hook on your bowling ball. The interesting fact here is that bowling ball hook does not only depend on the type of ball but also the way you throw it and the lane conditions. You need to figure out what is best for what and that is where we will help. Let us begin!

The way you throw

 There are many ways you can throw a bowling ball but there are a few things you will have to keep in mind to get more hook on the bowling ball. Some are quite basic and others quite specific.

     1. Aim your shot. 

This is quite essential when you are not only hooking a ball but just throwing a bowling ball as well. You first need to determine where you are aiming. In fact, you have to program it in your mind and body.

First, pick out the line or dots on the lane that you would like the ball to follow. Then, stand in a way that your right foot is in alignment with that line. Take the position in. Keep it in your mind. The rest comes later.

    2. Hold the Ball Right. 

There are three holes in the ball. The two together are for your ring finger and your middle finger. The one in the distance is for your thumb. Hold the ball right and with both your hands when you are just getting ready to take the shot.

    3. Walk to your shot. 

In order to utilize all the parts of your body when throwing a bowling ball, it is best if you take a few steps before you actually release the ball. You can take three or four steps or as many as you like and the bowling area allows you to.

Make sure the final foot you put forward is the one opposite your dominant hand or the hand you will be throwing the ball with.

   4. Keep your hand straight.

When you take the backswing with the bowling ball, try and keep your hand and arm straight throughout the whole swing, even in the front swing. Curve only the parts that are necessary to curve.

  5. Release your thumb first. 

This is like the most important part when you plan to hook a bowling ball. Bowling ball motion mainly depends on release style. When you are about to release the ball, you have to release your thumb first. In fact, releasing your thumb first will naturally direct the other parts of your hand to follow suit and eventually, you will just end up throwing a good or bad hook but a hook nonetheless.

Therefore, practice to let the thumb go first.

 6. Curl your other fingers. 

When you let your thumb go, the other fingers with which you were holding the bowling ball will naturally curl. In fact, it is more of a defense mechanism for your body. Your hand will not want to let the ball fall on your foot. As a result, it will curl upwards to hold the ball until it is time to release it.

And, that is exactly what you need to get more hook on your ball. The more you curl, the greater the hook potential will be.

  7. Move your wrist anti-clockwise. (For Right-handed bowlers). 

When you are releasing the ball like that, your wrist will automatically twist and move anticlockwise if you are right-handed and clockwise if you are left-handed. Let this motion unfold itself. Apparently, it is essential in creating not only a hook ball but also the right throw.

Thus, let it happen and experience a great throw that will pretty much do what you want the ball to do.

 8. Follow the swing through. 

It may seem enough to just release the ball right but it actually is not. You have to make sure you follow and finish the swing you took even after you have released the ball. The thing is- the swing changes when it knows that you are just looking at the ball and have stopped the swing after releasing the ball.

As a result, the ball may go just the way you wanted it to at first but it won’t for the last half of the way just like your swing did not. So, make sure you complete the swing and then focus on the result. Because if you focus on where the ball is going too much, it won’t go where you want it to.

The Bowling Ball You can Choose for Maximum Hook

Bowling ball is one of the main factors for enormous hook. Bowling Ball core plays a vital role for choosing bowling ball. Asymmetric core is the best choice for you to get maximum hook.

Does a heavier bowling ball hook more?

Heavier bowling balls may travel faster or slower based on their weight and the strength they are thrown with. However, heavy balls do not have a lot of effect on the hooking potential. Yes, the heavier ball may affect it but to a very little extent.

It is mainly the number of pores on the surface of the ball that makes a difference. The heavier balls can put more pressure on the pore but it does not really affect the hooking potential to a great extent.

Bowling lane also plays a great role to hook your ball.  The dry lane is not suitable for the high hook. You can play in heavy oil lane to get a monster hook.

 In conclusion

Getting more hook on the ball will really improve your game while making you feel better about your game. Thus, it is essential you learn to do it right, choose the right ball, and act accordingly. But if you are beginner level, don’t even try to hook your ball. It is not for beginner tasks. A plastic ball or straight ball is best for beginners to learn bowling.  Reactive resin ball is good to learn to hook if you want to be a professional bowler. Reactive balls have a porous surface which help you to grip the lane and provide the traction through the lane oil that is needed for hook. Besides that rev rate also plays an important role in hooking your ball.

If you want to learn how to get more hook through video learning, click the video tutorial. 


I’m an aspiring bowler with an immense love for bowling. I started playing the game at a very early age and it’s been an integral part of my life ever since.

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