How Much Does a Bowling Ball Cost: A Beginner Guide

How Much does bowling ball costPlanning to buy a bowling ball that will go with your budget? Then you have come to the right place! Although there is no definite answer for how much does a bowling ball cost, but we can surely give you an estimation. You see, the prices of bowling balls vary based on their quality, coverstock and core type, finish, etc. Entry-level bowling balls tend to be cheaper than other balls, whereas professional bowling balls are more on the high-end side, meaning, they’re expensive. So, at the end of the day, it’s up to you and what type of bowling ball you are willing to buy. So without further ado, let’s jump right into the details.

How much does a bowling ball cost?

It is impossible to give an exact idea of how much it will cost you to buy a bowling ball. Generally Bowling ball price starts from $40 and ends in $250. But it varies depending on finish, hook, coverstock, color etc etc. So we have categorized bowling balls based on their type and how the prices vary from one another.

Plastic Bowling Balls-

Pastic or polyester bowling balls are generally considered the cheapest and least aggressive balls in the market today. The materials and simple cores on the inside make them lighter and suitable for straight shots, which means they are perfect for entry-level bowlers. Besides newbies, other bowlers use plastic balls for spare shooting, especially the remaining stubborn corner pin to score some spares. If you’re looking for something that is plain and simple, expect to pay between $40 to $60. If you want a vanity plastic bowling ball with customized logos or words engraved or printed on it or most unique desinged bowling ball then the price will be a little higher.

2. Urethane Bowling Ball-

Urethane balls are for mid to advanced level bowling balls. Since they are a little more advanced, the materials and designs are better than plastic bowling balls. They come with custom cores that let your ball hook. If you want to have some control over the ball’s motion, reaction, and breakpoint, Urethane bowling balls will surely satisfy your need within a good price point. This is because you will have to spend between $75 to $150 for a urethane ball. For casual bowlers who are looking to enter the bigger tournaments or leagues, you cannot go wrong with a beautiful urethane bowling ball.

3. Reactive Resin Bowling Ball-

Now these bowling balls are clearly for bowlers with higher skills. If you can relate to that, then reactive resin bowling balls are High to Pro Performance Bowling Balls. As you start to develop and become a better bowler, you will be looking for something that can provide better lane reaction, friction, more durability. This is where Reactive Resin bowling balls come to the rescue.

Now, do you think that intermediate or professional bowling balls are expensive? Well, yes. They are pretty expensive because of their custom cores and heavy-duty coverstocks. The materials of Reactive coverstocks are quite similar to regular urethane formations, but, there are some extra additives blended with the formula which makes it different from Urethane coverstocks. Having a professional reactive resin bowling ball will cost you between $150 and $250. I know, it seems very expensive. But trust me, a professional bowling ball is a great investment for your future to enter the major tournaments or leagues of the sport.

Reactive Resin bowling balls are sub-categorized into three different types based on the coverstocks. Some provide a stronger backend reaction, additional traction, and some are more sensitive to the lane conditions. Each has different price points. These balls are mainly recommended for your advanced bowlers who want to see their ranks change. Plus, they offer a wide range of options and features. Just go for a top-quality brand if you intend to have one reactive resin bowling ball in your life.

4. Custom Bowling Balls-

If you want to customize your bowling ball then you will have to spend some more money. You see, the bowling balls you see in the market are mass-produced. So each design has its own specifications and all the balls of that same design are exactly the same. But whenever you need to change a feature of a bowling ball, you have to spend some extra bucks. The least expensive thing to do to customize a bowling ball is changing the surface finish. But if you want to get it manufactured with your own logo or symbol, or a different color or core, then you have to spend at least $50 to $200 extra, based on the customization cost.

How much does a house bowling ball cost?

The balls they offer in the bowling centers are called house bowling ball. Bowling centers do offer bowling ball is all weights and various colors. Most of the modern house balls are usually made of polyester. So don’t expect extreme hooking and superior lane reaction with these house bowling balls. Now here’s the thing- those bowling balls are not for sale. You can only rent them. Renting a bowling ball will cost you $3-$5. But the cost may be higher if your local bowling center offers urethane or reactive resin bowling balls.

Why high-end bowling ball is so costly?

The high-end bowling balls are usually urethane, reactive resin, or proactive ones. The most expensive bowling balls are also high-end. Besides plastic/polyester bowling balls, the rest of them are made with expensive materials. Even the weight block is made out of fancy materials. On top, the finishing is top-notch and they are designed to be durable, and performance-developing. Sometimes high-end bowling balls are produced with the collaboration with other champions or pro-level bowlers. High-end companies, when they release new limited-edition bowling balls, they are also more on the pricey side. This is why high-end bowling balls are costly.

Buying Bowling Ball or Renting from Pro Shop: Which will be Better?

Definitely owning bowling ball is the best choice. Every bowling ball performance is not equal. They are made depending on lane, hook,  playing style etc. Your playing style is different your partner. House bowling ball is only selected as average. It will not give you desired result. 

If you are occassional bowlers and you have not budget then renting bowling will be the best choice for you.  


Buying a bowling ball is no big deal, but buying the right one is a big challenge. Here we have explained every kind of bowling ball and gave you an approximation of the cost. Now that you have the knowledge to find the most suitable bowling ball under your budget, all you have to do is go to a nearby pro shop or just check some bowling ball reviews and buy one from Amazon! Just make sure you pay the right price for the right ball. Good luck!


I’m an aspiring bowler with an immense love for bowling. I started playing the game at a very early age and it’s been an integral part of my life ever since.

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