How Far Apart Are Bowling Pins

How Far Apart are bowling pins
How Far Apart are bowling pins?


Have you ever wondered how far apart those bowling pins actually are? Many might be surprised to learn that the pins are placed 12 inches apart from each other. In this article, we’ll dive into the intricate details of bowling pin spacing and why it matters in your game.

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Key Takeaways

  • Bowling pins are placed 12 inches apart from each other, measured from their centers.
  • The spacing between the pins is carefully calculated to create challenging scenarios and require precision aiming for strikes or spares.
  • Understanding the specific dimensions and numbering of bowling pin arrangements can enhance a player’s performance and strategy on the lanes.

Understanding Bowling Pin Arrangement

Bowling pin arrangement involves numbering and dimensions to ensure consistency in the game.

Numbering and Dimensions

Bowling pin setup and dimensions hold a significant role in the game of bowling. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. An equilateral triangle forms the arrangement of the bowling rack.
  2. This rack is made up of ten pins, with the first one known as the head pin.
  3. Each remaining pin is positioned at equal distances from each other, ensuring a uniform layout.
  4. The pins are placed 12 inches apart, measured from their centers; this dimension is also known as Segment A.
  5. Segment B represents another crucial distance: Pins 8 and 2, 1 and 5, 3 and 9 are kept at a distance of 20.75 inches from each other, either in front or behind.
  6. Pin deck’s side or the triangle measures make up Segment C which stands at a sizable length of 36 inches.
  7. Understanding individual pin numbers can affect your gameplay strategy; for instance, the distance between Pin 1 and Pin 10 is exactly thirty-six inches long – same goes for distances between Pin 1 and Pin 7, as well as Pin 7 to Pin 10.
  8. These measurements ensure consistency in every game while contributing to various scoring techniques and strategies in bowling.

Analyzing the Space Between Bowling Pins

In 10-pin bowling, the distance between each pin is precisely measured at 12 inches. This spacing allows for strategic shots and challenging spare opportunities. However, other variations of bowling may have different pin arrangements, making each game unique.

To learn more about the space between bowling pins and why it matters, continue reading.

10-Pin Bowling Spacing

In 10-pin bowling, the pins are set up in a triangle formation with a precise spacing between each pin. This arrangement is stipulated by the United States Bowling Congress regulations.

Pin NumbersDistance (in inches)
Pin 1 and Pin 2/3/4/612
Pin 2 and Pin 820.75
Pin 3 and Pin 920.75
Pin 1 and Pin 520.75
Pin 1 and Pin 7/1036
Pin 7 and Pin 1036
Table showing approximate distances between bowling pin number combinations

This table provides the specific distances between each pin that make bowling not just a game of power but precision and strategy. The placement of the pins and the distance between them have been carefully calculated to make the game challenging and exciting.

How Far apart are bowling pins
Infographic – How Far Apart are Bowling Pins?

Other Variations of Bowling Pin Spacing

Bowling isn’t just about knocking the pins over, the spacing between the pins plays a crucial role in the game. Here’s a look at some variations of bowling pin spacing and their dimensions:

Spacing VariationPin NumbersDistance
Segment AAny neighboring pins12 inches ± 1/16 inches
Segment BPins 8 and 2, 1 and 5, 3 and 9Approx. 20 3/4 inches
Triangle Side (Pin Deck)Any side of the equilateral triangle36 inches ± 1/8 inches
Pin 1 to Pin 10Pin 1 and Pin 1036 inches ± 1/8 inches
Pin 1 to Pin 7Pin 1 and Pin 736 inches ± 1/8 inches
Pin 7 to Pin 10Pin 7 and Pin 1036 inches ± 1/8 inches
Pin 1 to Pin 5 Pin 1 and Pin 5 (not a specification)Approx. 20 3/4 inches
Pin 2 to Pin 8Pin 2 and Pin 8 (not a specification)Approx. 20 3/4 inches
Pin 3 to Pin 9Pin 3 and Pin 9 (not a specification)Approx. 20 3/4 inches
Table showing specifications of bowling pin spacing on the pin deck.

The spacing of these pins has a significant effect on the strategy adopted by players. Knowing these variations can help improve your game!

Bowling Pin Spacing Specifications
Bowling Pin Spacing on the pin deck – Specifications with Tolerances

Why Does Bowling Pin Spacing Matter?

Bowling pin spacing is crucial in the game of bowling because it affects the strategy and accuracy of a bowler’s shots. The specific distances between pins have been carefully calculated to create various challenging scenarios on the lane. Bowling pinsetters automatically set the space between bowling pins before each frame.

For example, the 36-inch distance between Pin 1 and Pin 10, as well as between Pin 1 and Pin 7, forces bowlers to aim precisely in order to achieve strikes or spares. Similarly, the smaller distances between pins in other combinations require different aiming approaches from bowlers.

Understanding these spacing measurements allows players to adjust their technique accordingly and increase their chances of hitting multiple pins with a single ball – or even knockout all the bowling pins with one ball. Bowling pin spacing matters because it directly influences how players strategize and execute their shots during a game.

Video – How Far Apart Are Bowling Pins Official USBC Video

In this official video by USBC, you will see how the pin spot locations are measured during an inspection. The video is short but you will see the precision and attention to detail that is required to set the distance between the bowling pins.

How Far Apart Are Bowling Pins Video


In conclusion, the spacing between bowling pins is crucial to the game. With a distance of 12 inches between each pin and specific dimensions for the pin deck and lane, players must accurately aim their shots to achieve strikes or spare shots.

Understanding these measurements can help bowlers improve their skills and strategies on the lane. So next time you step up to bowl, be mindful of the spacing between those pins!


How far apart are bowling pins?

Bowling pins are set up in a triangular formation called a “pin deck” with the pins arranged 12 inches apart from each other.How Far apart are bowling pins

Why are bowling pins set up this way?

The triangular formation of bowling pins is designed to provide a fair and challenging game for bowlers. It allows for strategic aiming and scoring opportunities while ensuring that knocking down all the pins requires skill and accuracy.

Are there any regulations regarding the placement of bowling pins?

Yes, there are regulations established by organizations like the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) that dictate the precise distance between each pin and their alignment on the pin deck to ensure consistent playing conditions across different lanes and competitions.

Can the distance between bowling pins be adjusted?

No, the distance between bowling pins cannot be adjusted during gameplay. The position of the pins is determined by automated bowling pinsetters machines or manually arranged by lane attendants before each frame starts to maintain consistency throughout a match or session.


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