Ebonite Destiny Pearl Review [An In-depth Bowling Ball Guide]

For those who have missed the legendary Cyclone range, and the ones who are looking forward to trying a new performance bowling ball, I have good news for you all! Let us introduce you, the most versatile bowling equipment- the Ebonite Destiny Bowling Ball. It’s always nice to have the best-quality bowling balls in your arsenal. Whether you’re playing in a league, tournament, or even just having a fun night with your friends in the bowling alley, this unique bowling ball will have your back. You can indeed show off your skills with a ball like destiny by Ebonite.

Ebonite Destiny Bowling Ball Pearl Color
Medium Lane Condition, Medium Hook Potential & Controlled Motion


The core is the most important feature you need to check before buying a bowling ball. A ball’s overall performance depends on its core. Similar to the recently retired Ebonite Cyclone, this Ebonite Destiny ball has a Cyclone Torque core.

This beautiful Cyclone Torque core is also symmetrical. You will be able to enjoy a smooth and controlled motion from the release to the end of the lanes. Due to the symmetrical core, this ball will give you a remarkable backend motion and a nice mid-lane reaction.   


When it comes to determining the ball’s motion on the lanes, coverstock is the first thing you need to know about in-depth. Our Ebonite Destiny has GB 11.2 Pearl reactive coverstock which immediately reads the lane after release. This bowling ball also flips strongly down the lane with a smooth arc, thanks to its first-quality coverstock.

Similar to other Ebonite bowling balls, Destiny doesn’t burn on the lanes and stays fresh even after the friction between the ball and the lanes. You will be fully satisfied with how it’ll roll down the lane.

Factory Finish and Color

The Pearl reactive coverstock of this incredible ball is finely polished to a 500/1000 Abralon. This is done with the Powerhouse Factory Finish shine.

The characteristics of the coverstock and core sound quite promising, right? Being shiny pearl reactive, this bowling will respond to the lane just the way you want on medium lanes. Moreover, this Destiny ball glides easily on the lanes on various medium volume patterns. Yes, sounds amazing, right? But what about when the lane begins to breakdown? Well, a ball with factory polish like our Destiny bowling ball is all you need.   

The color of the ball is also very vibrant and eye-catching. You will notice a beautiful combination of green, orange, and smoke on the ball’s surface. When this ball will roll on the lanes, you will be pleased to see the color swirling.

Ebonite Destiny Bowling Ball Pearl
  • Package Weight: 4.491 Kg
  • Product Type: Sporting Goods
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Package Dimensions: 23.114Cm (L) X 23.114Cm (W) X 23.114Cm (H)

Hook or flare Potential

Ebonite did everything they could do to make this ball a masterpiece. This Destiny bowling ball will hook as soon as it leaves the skid phase of the ball’s motion. Indeed, a bowling ball doesn’t react the same if you change the pattern. But Destiny can adapt to slight changes in surface, and still give you satisfactory results.

Besides the low hook or flare potential, this ball has strong backend motion. It straight through hooks on the backend. It can also convert its revolution and move forward to the 3rd portion of the lane after the ball reaches its breakpoint. There is also no energy loss during the ball’s revolution in either mid-lane or down-lane, which indicates the fact that it has very low friction with the lane surface. With all the stored energy in it, the ball will hit the pins just hard enough to knock them down.    

Overall reaction

As mentioned, this ball will not break as it rolls down the lane. You’ll see no problem through the fronts, except good energy all the way to the pockets. High rev or advanced/pro players might feel strange with this ball first. But they can also get used to it and use it as a regular bowling ball. No matter how long you play, or how dried up your front lanes are, this ball will keep up its motion and reaction. With an RG of 2.53 and a high differential of 0.053, makes this ball truly something you’ve never seen before.

If you’ve recently leveled up, try this ball out. It will be your new companion to learn hook. And, guess what? This brilliant bowling ball is also budget-friendly! If you’re looking for an awesome bowling ball but also don’t want to spend too much, well, Ebonite Destiny Pearl is waiting just for you.   

What we like:

  • This Destiny ball is widely versatile
  • Great for both entry-level, performance, or higher level players
  • Affordable
  • Nicely built and almost indestructible
  • Eye-flattering color combination
  • Does a good job hitting the pins
  • Works well on both light to medium oil lanes

What we don’t like:  

  • Not for dry lanes


Frequently Asked Questions

Why beginners should not use pro performance ball?

It is a common misconception among beginners that if they use pro performance balls, they will play better. Pro performance bowling balls are designed for highly advanced bowlers. Players like Jason Belmonte, Francois Lavoie, Tommy Jones, who are now the highest-ranked bowlers, once started bowling with entry-level bowling balls.

Pro performance balls are usually very aggressive, heavy, technologically advanced, and hard to control. It takes a lot of practice with the regular house balls before you come to the pro performance ones.

If you’re a beginner, we would recommend you go for a polyester or entry-level bowling ball. These balls are easier to control and rolls straight, which is what you need at the beginning. Once you gain your skill using those balls, you can slowly upgrade to higher performance balls which will give you more hook and length. So, it’s always wise to not use a pro performance bowling ball if you’re a beginner.

Which lane condition is perfect for this ball?

This ball is recommended to be played on medium lane conditions. As it is not too aggressive, it’s better if you keep playing on the medium lane condition for the best performance. Although, you can use them on the light lane, or on the solid lanes when it gets very smooth down lane. You’ll also face no issue on the dried front lanes.


Overall you can see, this bowling ball is pretty unique and promising. Our final verdict is that it’s a must-have bowling ball. Whether you play with performance level bowling balls or higher, we would suggest you grab one for yourself. This one deserves to be in your collection. So, buy this gorgeous Ebonite Destiny Pearl ball today before they get discontinued!

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