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Bowling Score SheetHow often do you look at the scoreboard when you are bowling? After every shot, I believe? This automatic scorer helps us keep track of your score. First introduced in the 1970s, this automatic scorer is basically a bowling score-keeping calculator. This calculator not only shows our current score but also predicts our best possible final score. But what will you do when your bowling center’s scorer is out of order? How will you keep a record of your score? The best solution to your problem? Bowling score calculator. Let’s talk more about it.

How to calculate a Bowling Score [With Example]

That was to make you understand how the bowling scoring system works. You can do that using a piece of paper and a pencil. But don’t you think that’s a bit of a hassle? You are already concerned about how you are going to throw your next ball, and after every shot, you can’t just pick up a piece of paper and pencil to write down your score. Indeed, that’s very time-consuming and annoying.

So what do you think is the best solution for that? Just get your smartphone out and use this bowling score calculator. It’s easy to understand, simple to use, and definitely time-saving! So how does a bowling score calculator functions? Where do you press and what to type? I’m sure you have a lot of questions in your mind right now. Hence, let’s not make any further delay and keep on reading to know how to use the bowling score calculator.

To understand better, let’s picture an entire game you’re playing. Here we go—
Frame 1: On your first ball delivery, you have knocked down 5 pins, followed by 4 pins from the 5 remaining pins. So, all you have to do is— press 5 and you will see the number ‘5’ appearing on the upper left side of the first square box of the bowling score calculator. Now, press 4 and you will see 4 appear in the small frame box.
Once both inputs are given, you will automatically see the calculation result, which is 9 appearing in the lower part of that first square box. You will also see your current total, which is 9; and the maximum possible score on the last square box (at the right side).
Frame 2: Now suppose, you’re on the 2nd frame, and you have scored a strike. Your bowling alley’s scoreboard will display an ‘X’. This ‘X’ is the roman number, meaning it’s a 10. So just press the number 10. It will appear on the small box on the upper right side of the box. Now don’t freak out if your total score doesn’t change. This is because you will have to wait till your next two deliveries. But is the highest possible score in bowling possible now? Well, no, you missed the chance of a perfect game on your very first delivery. To get a 300 score, you have to strike in every single frame.
Frame 3: Congratulations! A second strike. I’m assuming you scored another strike after your first one. So, just repeat the process as per the frame #2 description. Your total score still won’t change. You need to make one more delivery for that.

Frame 4: Goodness! Are you the new bowling master? Another strike! Simply press the number 10 and another ‘X’ will appear on the small section of the 4th box. Now your total score will change to 39 and, yes, the number 39 will appear on frame #2 as well.

Frame 5: So, on this frame, you have successfully knocked down 7 pins, and on your 2nd delivery, the rest 3 pins. Heck yeah! You got yourself a spare. Now, just press 7 first, which will appear on the left side of the 5th box. After that, press 3. You will see the top right side of the 5th box showing a ‘/’ (slash mark). Now some new numbers will pop on frames #3 and #4 respectively, they are 66 and 86. The second box from the right side will also show your current total score which is 86. The 1st box from the right will show your maximum possible score of 256.

Frame 6: Okay, now you have hit 9 balls on the 6th frame. Sadly, on your second delivery, you couldn’t pick up the spare. So, now press the number 9 on the calculator and then 0. This delivery will successfully complete your score on #5 and #6 frame and that is respectively 105 and 114 (also your total score). Your best possible score of 234 will also be displayed.

Frame 7: Now to understand the game better, let’s cool down the heat. Let’s say, this time you could only hit 6 on the first ball delivery and 2 on the second— a total of 8. So take the calculator, press 6, and then 2. As always, 6 will appear on the top left side of the 6th box and a 2 will appear on the smaller right side of the box. In this frame, your total score will show 122 and your maximum possible score will change to 212.

Frame 8: Whatever happened, happened. Time to elevate your gaming performance. Hence, you hit 7 pins first and then the remaining 3. Good! That’s a nice spare. Now the total score will be 122 and the maximum possible will be 202.

Frame 9: Voila! Now you secure a strike! Your score of the #8 frame will show 142. the maximum possible will be unchanged. Now bad.

Frame 10: Remember the special rule on the 10th frame. So, let’s assume you have secured a spare this time, 9 pins and then the last 1 pin. Just click 9 and then 1. The bowling score calculator will show your score in the 9th frame which is 162. Your maximum possible will change to 182. On your last delivery, you hit 5 pins. The calculator will display the final score of your game—177. Amazing game!


I hope this example was helpful enough to make you understand how a bowling score calculator works. They are not too hard to operate. Just remember to click the numbers as per the number of pins you have knocked down, and that’s basically all you need to keep in mind. Good luck my fellow bowlers. Get those bowling averages up! Toodles!


I’m an aspiring bowler with an immense love for bowling. I started playing the game at a very early age and it’s been an integral part of my life ever since.

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