What is the Average Bowling Score for People of All Ages

average bowling score

Do you know what is your average bowling scores? If you don’t and you are planning to expand your performance in bowling, then it’s high time you learned that. An average bowling score gives an insight into a bowler’s overall performance. To calculate the average, first, you should your total of scores from multiple games and then divide the total by the number of games. The rounded-down integer value is the average of your bowling scores. Now, you must be wondering, how will you know if you have a good average? Well, to know that you have to compare your average with others based on the categories you fall under. Let us elaborate.

What is the average bowling score for Beginners?

Compared to intermediate and professional bowler, beginners are confused the most about their average scores. If you’re someone who is only getting started with bowling recently, your first aim should be scoring more than 100. If you’re unable to score more than 100, give yourself some time and keep on practicing. Once you learn to score some strikes and spares, 130-150 should be a good average bowling score for beginners.

An average score within this range is considered really good for beginners. This is because of their lack of experience and practice within this sport. Once you adopt some certain techniques to roll your ball and figure out the right angles, bowling some strikes and spares shouldn’t be too much of a problem. So focus on spares first and then go for some strikes and see how radically your average score in bowling changes.

What is the average bowling score for Professionals?

If you go to your local bowling alley and ask around some league bowlers about their average, they will probably say their average scores are between 200-225. But honestly, you can’t claim yourself a professional bowler if your average is within that range. To be an actual pro bowler, your average bowling score should be anywhere from 230-260 or probably more. Generally, a winner in a professional bowling competition, game, or tournament requires a score between 260 and 280.

If you’re dreaming to become a professional bowler someday, we will encourage you to set your target for a higher score and learn all the tricks of nailing strikes. Without a few strikes, it will be impossible to have an average between that range.

What is the average bowling score by age?

Do you think bowlers of all ages score the same? Obviously, not. Based on a player’s physical capacity, weight, height, physical power, and age, the average bowling score varies. So pre-teens, teenagers, adults, and elderly bowlers, all score differently.

Age Between 10 Years to 15 Years:

Pre-teens and teenagers are considered beginners of the bowling sport. Kids under the age of ten surely can bowl, but there are studies regarding players who are aged between 10 to 15 years. In most cases, their average scores are 100+. Kids who are 10-12 years old are more likely to secure an average score of 90-120. With years of practice and learning techniques, 13-15-year-old kids can easily secure their average bowling score anywhere between 130 and 150. We have witnessed bowlers who are 13-year-old and scoring 160+. So in most cases, it’s up to the bowlers.

Age Between 15 Years to 30 Years:

Most bowers who are professionals are over the age of 30. Because that’s how long it takes to become a pro bowler. Bowlers who are between 15-30 years are often considered intermediate bowlers. If you’re a teen bowler, you should be happy with your bowling average if it is between 150-190. If you’re in your early 20s you can aim for 200+ as your bowling average if it is not that already. If you’re interested to know an overall average for players under this category, your average bowling score should be 170-220. The older you are the higher your average should be.

Age Between 30 Years to 45 Years:

Anyone who is bowling for more than 5 or 10 years can become a pro bowler after he/she turn 30. Most of the professional bowlers that we have bowled a perfect game are more than 30 years old. So, if you’re not a newbie, and have lots of bowling experience, your average should be 200-250 or more (depends on your bowling skills).

Age  Above 45 Years:

Around the age of 45 and onward, your body starts to get weakened. You won’t have the speed and energy like before. The older you get the more drastically your bowling average score will decrease. Even if you are just starting with bowling, at age 45+, your average should be between 120-150. If you’re still as lively as before, go ahead, set your target higher. But be extra careful with your bodily movement.

Average Bowling Score
A common bowling score card

What is the average bowling score for Men?        

The average bowling score for men varies a lot. But a good range of satisfactory average score is between 160-220. The average score surely depends on the player himself. So, someone who is adequately experienced with years of practice, should have his average within this range. The more trained he is, the higher the average can be.

What is the average bowling score for Women?   

A good average bowling score for women is generally expected to be in the range of  150-200. Of course, the average depends on a female bowler’s skills, physical ability, years of practice, and experience. Someone who is adequately well-skilled should be between this range at least. The more trained a bowler is, the higher the average score can be.

Video: How To Keep Score In Bowling

As this video shows, the first step to having a bowling average is to know how to keep score for a single game! This video shows how easy it actually is to keep score while bowling, so if you haven’t been doing so, you may want to start.

Watch this video to learn how easy it is to keep score while bowling


It is hard to come to a conclusion with the average bowling scores of bowlers. Everyone is different than others. We have just given you some estimations only. If you believe you can ensure a better average, go ahead, give it a try. There’s nothing wrong with doing better and prove everyone wrong. So believe in yourself and keep practicing bowling!


I’m an aspiring bowler with an immense love for bowling. I started playing the game at a very early age and it’s been an integral part of my life ever since.

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