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Melissa Bernstein and Doug Bernstein, the founders of Melissa & Doug Toys, are spreading happiness all over the world. For more than 25 years, Melissa and Doug Toys are delivering innovative and timeless products to children all over the world. Like other toys, Melissa & Doug Bowling Set is one of the masterpieces for ultimate gameplay. This bowling set is designed to inspire kids with open-ended thinking and new possibilities. There are countless ways to play with this bowling set. You kids will never get tired of it, for sure.

Melissa and Doug bowling Set Details:

Melissa & Doug Toys are known for making the most standard children toys to foster children’s early brain development. They even partnered up with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to produce the most detail-oriented kids’ toys. So, the game set we are discussing today is made very carefully for toddlers. Let’s get to know more about the Melissa and Doug Bowling Set and the equipment it comes with.

At A Glance
Melissa & Doug K's Kids Bowling Friends Play Set and Game With 6...
Bowling Set Details
6 animal bowling pins and a 4-inch indented bowling ball
Why It is Best
Extreme Durable and so adorable, Easy to Clean
Who Can Play
24 Months to 4 Years
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At A Glance
Melissa & Doug K's Kids Bowling Friends Play Set and Game With 6...
Bowling Set Details
6 animal bowling pins and a 4-inch indented bowling ball
Why It is Best
Extreme Durable and so adorable, Easy to Clean
Who Can Play
24 Months to 4 Years
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Melissa & Doug Bowling sets are available in 2 separate models. Both of them are almost the same except for a few design and color differences.

  1. Sunny Patch Happy Giddy Bowling Set
  2. Sunny Patch Giddy Buggy Bowling Set

Bowling Pins:

The main equipment of a bowling set is the bowling pins. We know regular bowling has 10 pieces of heavy-duty bowling pins. Since this toy bowling set is for kids over 2 years old, there are 6 well-crafted bowling pins. Being only 6 in number, they are very easy to set up and easy to clean up.

Pin Design:

Instead of designing the pins like regular bowling pins, Melissa & Doug gave the pins a caterpillar bug-like shape with a smiley face on them, which they named Giddy Buggy, and for the other model, they are called Happy Giddy. Both have vibrant color combinations on them. The beautiful colors on the pins- red, orange, yellow, blue, and green, look extremely attractive to kids. They will fall in love with this toy set as soon as they see it.

Melissa & Doug K's Kids Bowling Friends Play Set and Game With 6...
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Pin Size:

The pin size of the 2 sets is the same. Both the Giddy Buggy bowling set and the Happy Giddy bowling set contain pins that are 8 inches in length. In both sets, the pins are pretty good in size for toddlers to play with. In case they don’t want to bowl, they can play with each buggy pin on its own.

Pin Material:

The pins are made of hard plastic, which makes them extremely durable. No matter how hard they fall, or how hard your kids throw them, they won’t get any dent or scratch on them.

Bowling Ball:

Each Sunny Patch bowling set includes a ball. In the Giddy buggy bowling set, the bowling ball is red in color, and the Happy Giddy bowling set offers a yellow bowling ball. If your kids don’t want to bowl, just let them play with the ball. You can also play throw and catch with the ball.

Ball Design:

The lightweight bowling balls from the sets are round in shape. Melissa & Doug has mimicked the regular finger holes of a standard bowling ball in this toy bowling ball. Kids who are a little older (5-7 years old), may try to throw the ball like a regular bowling ball. Hence, this particular design.

Ball Size:

The bowling ball the set offers are quite a handful for a kid. This easy-grip ball will fit in their little palms perfectly. The ball diameter is approximately 3.5 inches, so you can guess their estimated size.

Ball Material:

Similar to the bowling pins, the bowling balls are also made of sturdy plastic. For kids to carry it easily, and to make it lightweight, the balls are actually hollow.


Besides the fun bowling pins and a beautiful bowling ball, the set includes a gaming-instruction and a super convenient transparent carrying case. The case also has handles which makes it both for the kids and the parent to carry easily. The carry bag also allows you to store them properly once they’re done playing. Carry it anywhere you want, and just let them enjoy the non-stop fun.

Overall Quality:

Melissa & Doug toys are well-known for their advanced products. Considering the price point, the bowling sets are truly amazing. Each piece of equipment is made and handled with care. Even the founders themselves ensure the product quality. The toy bowling sets are super durable. Your kids will grow up, and the product quality will still be intact. On top, they are water and scratch-resistant, and super easy to clean.

Other Benefits:

According to AAP, toys that inspire physical and hand-on engagement, rich interactions, and imaginative playtime are undoubtedly the best. And guess what? Melissa & Doug follows this philosophy and implemented this in their best-quality toys. The bowling set we have mentioned is designed to improve your kids’ hand-eye coordination and boost their motor skills. The toy bowling set is meticulously and thoughtfully developed to encourage psychological development, muscle build-up, and mathematical learning.

Are Melissa & Doug bowling sets only for indoors?

Of course not. This bowling set can be played indoors or outdoor as you want. Whether it’s your kid’s playtime, or a birthday party, or a beach day out, or your kid’s kindergarten party, you can play them anywhere. You can also let them use this as a lawn bowling set and let them play in there. So, yes, your kids can take the bowling set wherever they go and have fun with a bunch of other kids and share the happiness.


Does your kid play with a new toy for a day, and never play with them again? Then bring this most interesting kids bowling set by Melissa and Doug Toys. This beautifully constructed and bright bowling set will impress your kids immediately. So, get this set for your kids today!

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