Can You Wear Bowling Shoes For Hunting?

hunting shoesBowling and hunting are two completely different sports. While one happens indoors, the other one takes place outdoors. Do you love to participate in both? Or you’re only a bowling player and planning to go into the wilderness for a different adventure? If so, you’re probably wondering if hunting can be done wearing bowling shoes. If you have questions like these continue to read forward.

No, you cannot wear bowling shoes for hunting. Bowling shoes are quite differently made than regular shoes. Most of the time they’re made with rubber and leather, and the soles are smooth and slick. That smooth soles help you to slide easily on the lanes. Also, the shoes give you no traction so they’re pretty slippery. Sounds totally the opposite of hunting shoes, right?

So, you can understand, bowling shoes lack everything you need in hunting shoes. You need shoes that will give you support, balance, traction, slip-resistance on mud, so that you tread or run into the forest, mountains, and wilderness without worrying about your feet. This is why, never wear bowling shoes for hunting, not even on street.  

Which gear you must need for bowling?

If you’re getting into bowling, these are some of the equipment you must have:

Bowling Alley:

First and foremost, you need to find a bowling alley that has a healthy environment, packed with good equipment. By good equipment I mean, bowling lanes in good condition, and bowling pins.

Bowling Ball:

Once you decide you’re gonna make this sport your new hobby, get yourself a bowling ball. The bowling alley does provide balls, but to find your rev, speed, etc you need to have your own ball. This will ensure better gameplay for sure. Therefore, it’s an essential tool for bowling.

Bowling Shoes:

You cannot play without bowling shoes because your regular shoes have stuck mud and dirt which can ruin the lane conditions. Some bowling centers have strict rules about this. Bowling shoes help you slide on the lanes smoothly for perfect ball release. You can wear shoes that bowling centers provide. But remember that, having your own is more cost-saving and hygienic. There are many inexpensive yet top-notch quality bowling shoes available on the market

Bowling Ball Towel:

Unwanted materials like dust, dirt, excessive oil can get attached to the ball. This can disrupt the ball’s efficiency. But how you’re going to clean that? Well, you need a bowling ball towel. This will help you to clean the ball surface. You can also keep a separate bowling towel to wipe off your sweat as well.

Bowling Gloves:

If you plan to play for a long time, or if you have any hand/wrist injuries you must wear a bowling wrist-support or gloves. This will minimize your pain and maximize your wrist and hand support for better gameplay.

Bowling Bag:

To carry your bowling ball, shoes, towels, and other personal belongings, you need a bowling bag. This will make your movement easier. Carrying heavy bowling equipment is also not healthy. So you must get one.

Which gears you must need for hunting?

To make your hunting experience more glorious and enjoyable you need to have your own basic hunting gear. Some of them are:

Hunting Clothing:

Camouflaging in the forest is very important. This is why you need special hunting jackets, pants, hats, gloves, socks with green/orange camo-pattern on it. This will help you to keep yourself safe and out of sight of animals.   

Hunting Boots:

Hunters usually hunt in hills, forests, and wilderness where the lands are often uneven, muddy, slippery, or rocky. This is why wearing the right hunting boots is very important. Without hunting shoes, you can tumble, fall, slip, or trip and have serious injuries. Some of these accidents can even lead to death.


Choosing the right firearms is very important when it comes to hunting. Weapons like rifles, shotguns are very popular among hunters. Make sure you’re loaded with plenty of bullets and of course use them safely and extra carefully.


Hunting with bow and arrow is the oldest way to hunt. To this day it is still preferable by many hunters. If your chosen hunting territory has firearms restriction, you can go for an archery bow set and get down to hunting.


If you plan to cut up the animals right after you hunt them, you should carry some sharp knives. Don’t forget to include a bone saw with your other equipment.


Walking in the hunting zone for a long time and no sign of any animal? Don’t worry, just grab your binoculars and see if any animal is nearby. You can also use binoculars to verify if you’re in a safe zone where there’s no life-threatening wild animal. So, for your hunting gear, pick one of the top 5 binoculars under 300 dollars you must have. This will save your life and make your hunting experience better.

Mapping gear:

Don’t forget to include maps, phones, walkie-talkies, GPS app on phone, radio, compass, and phone chargers. etc. You don’t actually want to get lost in the deep forest, do you?

Hunting Backpack:

To carry all the basic tools, you need to have a hunting backpack with a camo-pattern on it. You’ll also use that for carrying foods, water, batteries, insect repellent, first-aid kits, etc.


To help you understand the basic must-have tools for bowling and hunting, I’ve mentioned them in this article. There’s no way you can wear bowling shoes for hunting. You cannot even wear them on street, not inside your own house. Bowling is very different than hunting and none of those tools can be used for other sports. So build up your gear carefully after necessary research. Wish you all happy hunting and happy bowling! 


I’m an aspiring bowler with an immense love for bowling. I started playing the game at a very early age and it’s been an integral part of my life ever since.

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